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There are several types of Moss and Algae that can grow on your roof in Washington. Some examples are Roly-Poly Moss, Spindly Moss, Furry Moss, Black Algae, Green Algae, Lichens. Not to mention other plants the birds bring, such as, ferns, trees, dandelions, and other things to add to your moss garden.

You can find more information about the types of moss here.

Roof cleaning is essential on maintaining longevity of your roof.

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T'is the Season for Roof Cleaning!

It's beginning to look a lot like..... Moss!

You may have noticed on your drives lately, people's roofs, driveways, walkways, pretty much everything are looking especially black and green right now. Moss and Algae are growing on hyper speed in this wet, cold, and dark season. Since we live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest this happens to be from Oct/Nov - April/May.  It's the perfection combination of weather and debris for spores to start flying and growth to flourish. While this beautiful and vital part of our nature is amazing for the lush lands around us, it is very damaging to your home without the proper roof cleaning, roof preventative care and maintenance.

Moss and Algae build up can cause your roof shingles to be pulled up exposing the interior home to the weather and other nature elements. Any build up on your home from missing regular roof cleaning, may cause major problems to your siding, decks, fencing, roof, patios, walkways and really anything it gets on.  It grows through spores much like mushrooms do, except it can attach itself to anything in a cold, damp, and dark environment.  Without regular roof cleaning, your home could end up looking like the one pictured below.

Moss and Algae can take over anything given the right conditions, which lets face it, is about 6-8 months a year in our area. This picture is a recent client who experienced this growth at the beginning of the moss growing season in late September. This was quite the project to get their roof clean to perfection.

This client decided they wanted to reclaim their home. We provided them with our roof cleaning and pressure washing services. Then put everything back just as they had it.

Now our clients have their beautiful space back.

Depending on the affected areas and your future plans, there are several different roof cleaning treatments and prevention options available. 

The best way to save some money is to do roof preventative care, it costs much less than waiting until the layers are on thick and it will help reduce future growth. Preventative Soft Wash Care should be started before the leaves start to fall. Build up on debris on the roof will excel growth, having a treatment on before this happens will reduce the growth. We believe here at A Clear Choice to leave a small footprint, use our locally economy and to use pet and environmentally friendly treatments. Our roof cleaning treatment is locally made in Mount Vernon, Washington. Once applied, it will not only kill the moss and algae currently growing, it will also prevent future growth for up to 5 years!

There are times when we are human and forget to do all the upkeep on our homes and things can just sneak up on us. If you have moss growing currently on your home and other exterior areas, don't worry we can help. The best time to kill and remove moss and algae is during its growing season as the moss will adsorb the chemical. 

We do not recommend physically removing the moss off of roofs without killing the roots of the moss first. If the moss is removed while its alive, the roots have the ability to pull up the shingles, asphalt, and other roof materials, destroying the integrity and reducing the overall lifetime of the roof. If you have a metal roof, you're in luck! On a metal roof to clean, we can simply pressure wash the moss and algae off.  We will not pressure wash any other roof material besides metal roofs, it will ruin your roof and can cause water damage.

Our soft wash systems applies minimal pressure to clean your roof without damaging the integrity of your roof.

Getting your house ready to put on the real estate market, we specialize in making the exterior of your home sparkle and shine. We can pressure wash almost any surface and clean off the roof. Perfect for beautiful photos. Give us a call to do a walk through of the property to provide an estimate for our curb appeal services. 

What it comes down to roof cleaning, removing any and all debris off your roof will maintain the life-time of your roof. Roof cleaning, roof maintenance, and roof preventative care are the best ways to keep your roof for 30+ years.

Roof Cleaning Technicians

We have our highly trained roof cleaning technicians who take safety precautions and use safety equipment. They are highly trained to make sure you roof cleaning experience is exceptional. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.