Pressure Washing

Asphalt and Concrete Cleaning

Build up of dirt, moss, and algae on your patio, walkways, and decks can cause mass problems. Not only can it deteriorate the integrity of the materials, it can also be a slipping hazard during the cold and wet seasons. Pressure washing is very important, in areas where you and guests are walking, to maintain a slip free path.

Fence Cleaning

We can pressure wash almost any type of fencing. It could be dependent on how old or deteriorated the fence is, so it is best to pressure wash your fence at least once a year so it doesn't start breaking down due to mud and algae.

House Wash

The exterior of your home is very important to keep clean by pressure washing. Build up of black or green algae will cause issues with the integrity of your home walls.

Pressure washing will keep your walkways, pavement, siding, exterior gutters, and fence clean and is essential to your home presentation. The longevity of your materials lifetime all depends on how you, the homeowner, takes care of it. Pressure washing is one simple way you can keep the exterior of your home clean and tidy.

Thinking of selling or maybe doing a refinance soon? Curb appeal is everything! Before you have your appraisal done, it's A Clear Choice to give us a call to get your house sparkly clean with our pressure washing services. We have helped several clients get higher appraisals on their homes just for giving us a call for their pressure washing needs.

Letting crud build up on your exterior services will deteriorate the integrity of the materials. Pressure washing will remove the grim and crud to produce a beautiful and clean look. Making your home beautifully shinny.

We can pressure wash most exterior surfaces dependent on the condition and drainage of the area.

Our pressure washing technicians will examine the project area to determine the best place to start. Usually starting at the top and working our way down. We can start with a roof treatment, gutter cleaning, house wash, then work on your driveway, parking area, and walkways. Finishing everything off with a smile.

Pressure washing is a maintenance that is best left to the professionals. With water flow and pressure ratings, you should to make sure you have a pressure washer professional do the job.

We guarantee all our pressure washing services and guarantee your satisfaction. Give us a call today for your pressure washing needs.